Hello, Welcome to my website.

The site is hosted on my Raspberry Pi, so don't expect amazing performance. I'm developing it to teach myself Django and data science. It is a work in progress and an active building site. Take care and be patient.



Django is a web framework based on the python programming language. I have previously developed a website using html and php; I developed a system whereby php functions would interact with a MySQL database, and then my own python scripts would monitor that database to perform backend tasks as they were needed. In effect that is what Django does itself, but in a far more capable manner.


Those pretty interactive plots you've been admiring are produced using Bokeh. As you'll soon discover if you try to google it, "Bokeh" is a photographic term, meaning the effect you achieve by leaving part of the photo deliberately out of focus. The right hand side of my banner photo is almost entirely bokeh, see how it draws your eyes to the in-focus bird? (Is anybody good at bird silhouettes? I think it's a great tit?). For our purposes, Bokeh is a python plotting package that is especially useful for developing plots that can be displayed in web sites.


Met Office Data Point

The meteorological data that I display, and which I intend to use for my experiments in data science, is downloaded from the Met Office Data Point website. It "contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence", so now you know.


All of the code I use for this website, and the support functions, are available on BitBucket. The website code is in the "nonsense" repository.

Page last updated: Sat 17 March 2018